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The goal of the Handiworks Championship is simple: don’t cum.

Contestants are signed up a month in advance by their respective owner. From that moment on they are expected to be on the strictest of chastity - not even allowed to touch themselves to pee or wash (though some tidy owners will do it for them).

The contest that follows is between three and six rounds where the boys face off against one another under the watchful care of a pair of referees. Rounds can take hours as they are slowly teased towards their inevitable climax. The first to get off, loses and is removed from the competition (much to their relief). The winner gets a bucket of ice to the groin and a few slaps to the balls to get him soft and ready for the next round.

The process repeats itself, round after round. Eventually the boys’ fight against their bodies’ natural urges becomes almost impossible. The final is the most exciting round and almost always the shortest, with one contestant finally succumbing to their blue balls and unloading a massive climax which usually leaves them a quivering mess on the floor.

Most contestants secretly want to come in second simply for that sensation and the knowledge that “at least they tried.” But the truly devoted press on to victory. Their prize? The smiling approval of their owner and a quick trip back to their chastity cage.

fuck where can i sign up?


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